Name Odia Odion Peter
 Age 35 years old
 DOB 31 October 1982 / Fake DOB: 31 October 1985
Nationality Nigeria
Passport No A50441573 / A04660734
Native Address: Benin City, Edo, Nigeria
Last known Location: 03-07-03, Blok 3,Pangsapuri Seri Kasturi, Jalan Setia Gemilang U13/45B, Setia Alam,
Seksyen U13, 40170, Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Current possible Location:
  1. Thailand – confirmed current location Bangkok, Thailand
  2. South Africa
Possible Current location address: 66/23-24 Moo salaya nakhorn Chaisri road, phuttha monthon, salaya, 73170, Thailand
Possible Victim/Accomplice Piyapanee Phronpet, Thailand
His International network Malaysia (center hub), Singapore, Thailand, USA, Qatar
School Bachelor of Business, 3rd year student at Al Madinah university
Attends Church at His Sanctuary of Glory
No. 10, Jalan Awan Berarak, Taman Yarl, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
IP Address
Bank Account 11225500341653, RHB Bank, Berhad
UK Phone redirects Odia Odion Peter runs this scam like a business model

Phone redirects service provider

What proof this Odia Odion Peter is indeed the scammer? Most of the victims known him by different alias as Harry Williams Baldomero, Viktor Arskel, Erik Alexsander, Larry Hassan, etc., and all these victims only heard his voice over phone.

  1. Voice and Video verification – Have verified with 10 women so far from UK (his victims) that indeed this man is whom they known as Harry Williams Baldomero and Larry Hassan.  Video file that goes with this audio will be handed over to concerned authorities.
  2. Linking his emails to Odia Odion Peter – He runs through hundreds of emails, I barely scratched the surface with these few accounts.  But every time he creates an email even through masked VPN, one thing he seem to have done is link alternate emails to his personal email and passwords, Facebook accounts all link to his family names…  All these information will be given to authorities. One of his account with photo proof he is Odia Odion Peter using alias as Erik Alexsander. Click here… 1 2 3 4
  3. Bank Accounts – From what I understand from these emails, most of the time money will not be deposited directly into Odia Odion Peter’s bank account. But it is always easy to prove, as soon as the victim transfers funds to his mule accounts, the mules seem to hold back their percentage of money and return the rest to either Odia Odion Peter or one of his accomplices in KL, Malaysia who goes by name Alex to his victims. ATM security cams and withdrawal on fund date should be easy enough to verify.
  4. Stolen Photos
       John Dickson, a married Minister from Sydney, Australia. His family pictures are abused for romance scam. His pictures are used as Viktor Arskel in few dating sites that I could find such as oasis.co.uk, match.co.uk, pof. Tried reaching him will try again..

    Lavalife – profile

     Odia Odion Peter as Erik Alexsander  Joe Chance, a married entrepreneur from South Hadley, Massachusetts. His family pictures are abused for romance scam. His pictures are used as Erik Alexsander in few dating sites that I could find, mostly facebook. Tried reaching him will try again..
    Odia Odion Peter acting as Erik Alexsander scammed a Italian women by name Teresa Gallo for euros 7000 in a month’s time. attached one of the receipt I gathered.
Odia Odion Peter criminal portfolio
  1. Romance Fraud – More than 250 victims (from just 3 emails I could gather) majorly from US, UK, Europe and East Asia, he targets Chinese women from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and China, either to work for him as mules, accomplices or romance scam
  2. Credit Card Fraud – US and UK citizens
  3. Identity Theft –  From 11th August 2017, Odia Odion Peter have access to social security numbers database of US and UK citizens, a cyber hack perpetrated by Cyclosa Gang responsible for millions of US and UK citizen information compromised in 2013 – 2014. Compromised US citizens addresses and other details has been alerted to Better Business Bureau  for US citizens and for UK citizens report had been filed with CrimeStoppers UK on 3rd May 2018.
  4. Blackmail / Extortion – During romance scam Odia Odion Peter and his accomplices, they don’t just scam you of your money. They do make sure all your personal information is given to them as well, to create fraudulent credit cards, blackmail…
  5. Hacking – His Nigerian accomplices use RAT technique to hack into computers, at least they try to… do not open any images or extensions with .dat, .exe from unknown email addresses or text
Email Accounts
  1. peterodia15@yahoo.com
  2. dpoznan@yahoo.com
  3. peterodia15@gmail.com – account deactivated atm
  4. yorke_harry@yahoo.com
  5. mark_livingstone48@yahoo.com
  6. Larry.osward@yahoo.com
  7. varskel@yahoo.com
  8. steven_oskar@yahoo.com
  9. blake_larry@yahoo.com
  10. barry.arskel@yahoo.com
  11. viktorarskel@yahoo.com
  12. michael@outlook.com
  13. vpoznan@yahoo.com
  14. williams_2914@hotmail.com
  15. harrywilliams114@hotmail.com
  16. viktorarskel@gmail.com
  17. ekalexsander@gmail.com
  18. alexsandererik087@gmail.com
  19. larry_hassen@protonmail.com
Skype Accounts
  1. peter.odia5
  2. peterodia
  3. odia.peter
Last Known Contact numbers
  1. +60 10-241 4250
  2. +60 16-769 4983
  3. +60 17 699 2735
  4. +60 16 865 6935
  5. +1 (773) 672-3997
His hunting ground for victims or to recruit mules
  1. Odia Odion Peter Match.com profile
  2. https://www.onenightfriend.com/
  3. https://www.cheekylovers.com/
  4. https://www.benaughty.com/
  5. https://www.meetic.fr/
  6. https://www.shagaholic.com/
  7. https://www.farmersonly.com
  8. https://www.mysinglefriend.com/
  9. http://www.lovehorse.co.uk/
  10. https://www.eharmony.com/
  11. https://www.elitesingles.co.uk/
  12. https://maybefriends.com/
  13. https://hinge.co/
  14. https://uk.match.com/
  15. http://www.connectingsingles.com/
  16. https://www.christiancafe.com
  17. https://www.seniorpeoplemeet.com
  18. https://www.bbpeoplemeet.com
  19. https://eu1.badoo.com/
  20. https://www.twoo.com
  21. https://app2.be2.com/
  22. https://www.pof.com/
  23. https://www.oasis.co.uk/
  24. https://www.facebook.com/
  25. http://www.lavalife.com/
  26. https://www.jdate.com

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